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The Table of Stunts (T&T)

Posted in Rollenspiel with tags , , , , , , , on Juli 11, 2013 by craulabesh

Recently I asked at Vin Ahrr Vin’s Trollbridge which rules mechanics you think are the most important of Tunnels & Trolls. In my point of view stunting is a core concept (article in german) of Tunnels & Trolls. This is a translated version of my previously posted table.

The need and idea for the Table of Stunts arose as I found myself repeating the game mechanics of my rulings for the outcomes of stunts. One purpose of the table is to bring in a variety of outcomes. Another idea was to have a second lever to play with the randomness, excitement and risk of Saving Rolls (which is usually handled by the difficulty of SR) for the GM and the players. The table is meant to be a helping tool which should enrich the negotiation of the stunts. The GM and players may use it in a variety of ways. But it is not meant to be used in every stunt! Think of it like a spice for a meal – just use it according to taste and play with it, combine it with other ideas and effects.