Space Hulk: Tactics as a board game

A little primer to play Space Hulk: Tactics as a board game. Including original card sets and additional ones for use with Cyclone Missile Launcher Marines, Captains, Genestealer Cults etc.

I use the rules from Space Hulk first edition, so that I can use a Terminator Captain (+2 in close assault, +30 seconds, +2 Command Points, plasma grenade launcher). The Tactical Card System is really a breeze, it’s really fun to think about additional card effects.


A corrected version of the cards.

To better adjust the numbers of Stealers per card deck to the numbers from Space Hulk: Tactics and instead of 0-Blips we use Ambush counters (stack two Blips to indicate an Ambush counter). But for the latter case there is a disadvantage: the Marine player now knows there is a Blip with 1/3 chance of converting to a Stealer. Now allowing all Ambush counters to be used with original rules might be too big of an advantage. Instead Ambush counters enter play via entry areas. But one may also be used as a normal Ambush counter.

Ambush Counters

If a Genestealer Card is transformed to Blips it is stated how many Blips the player may use in this round. Some cards also show ambushes.
Ambush counters are used by the Genestealer player to represent two things: Stealers who have remained hidden while the Marines have passed them by, and things that are picked up by the Marhes‘ movement sensors that might be Stealers. Ambush counters can only be used if both players agree upon it before the game starts. If you have no ambush counters, stack two Blips (preferably from the discard pile) above each other to represent an ambush counter.
Ambush counters can be placed in two ways, freely or normal. If there is no Ambush counters more than 6 squares apart from normal Blips, Ambush counters may enter play freely. Else they enter play like any other Blip via Stealer entry areas. If they enter play freely, they are first put aside and must be placed at the end of his turn. They can be placed in any empty square on the board as long as the square is at least six squares away from the nearest enemy, and not in an enemy’s LOS.
Ambush counters have 6 APs, and move in the same way as Blips. An unconverted ambush counter can enter the LOS of a Marine, in which case, the Genestealer player must immediately roll an ambush result. On a 5-6 the ambush counter is treated as a 1-Blip and yields a stealer. Ambush counters can only be converted when they enter a Marine’s LOS or a square that is adjacent to a Marine (even if no Marine is able to see them).
If an ambuh counter result is revealed to be a Genestealer, replace the ambush counter with a Genestealer model. It may carry on moving, using any APs that were not used prior to its conversion. If the ambush result counter turns out to be anything else, the ambush counter is removed from play immediarely unless it is in the LOS and arc of fire of any Marine(s) on Overwatch.
A Marine on Overwatch will fire at an ambush counter within his LOS and arc of fire, even if it is something other than a Genestealer. Attacks on revealed Genestealers are handled normally. Those on anything else must be rolled for anyway, as the Marine’s gun will jam if he rolls a double. The fired-upon ambush counter is then removed from play.


Then I have some clarifications to the conversion of units – Dec 2017’s White Dwarf and Space Hulk: Tactics have different ways of converting stealer force units. It is suggested to use the Space Hulk: Tactics rules:


Whenever the Stealer player plays a card that allows him to convert a biomorph or cult unit in the following turn, he places the card(s) face down. At the end of the turn, after placing Ambush counters he announces one Blip or Ambush counter for each card he placed face down before. If you want to keep a better oversight, keep all Blips turned in the same direction and turn the soon-to-be-converted Blip 90° clockwise (tap them). If these Blips or counters are involuntarily unconverted, they count as 0-Blips and the conversion is unsuccessful (and may be tried later in case of the Patriarch, Magus and Primus).
In the following turn’s Stealer Reinforcement Phase, the Stealer uncovers the indicated Blips and gains a number of points equal to the number on the blip or Ambush counter (which counts as 1-Blip on a dice roll of 5 or more). He then uncovers the cards of the units to reveal. Each card must be assigned to one blip with at least the according point value. Usually each Blip yields one unit, but in the case of Hybrids the points can be spend to chose any of the Cultists, Specialists, Heavy weapon gunners and Aberrants. The models are set up following the normal rules for converting blips.
A Primus is an exception to the rules, as he can be converted from any Ambush counter even if it turns out to be a 0-Blip. Hybrid cultist may also be converted from Ambush counters but only if the roll is a 5 or more.



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  1. Pelo0z Says:

    Hi !
    Your cards and rules adaptation is no longer available on Dropbox…
    If you could mail me links to download these, I would be very much interested !

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