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treasures from the last trollbridgeting

Posted in Rollenspiel on April 11, 2017 by craulabesh

It came up at the trollbridge in the thread of khabooms great house rule:

The game lives for those magical 1/2 dice rolls – that’s when the GM can explode the game about the players‘ heads!

I have been running with a house rule of if a player rolls 30 or above on the dice they gain a talent or a spell based on what they just excelled at. It is a huge hit with players. Last night a dwarf rolled 4 doubles in a row when looking for a well in the town of Roundsquare and gained a talent for water divination – which very soon led to a confrontation with orangu-kin peeing behind a wall…

Just this house rule alone is worth a blog post, just make a little pause and thing about it.

So, you’re back again. Now I used the opportunity and formulated an old house rule, which I still haven’t tested yet,  about a different thing: Saving Rolls.


Some close examinations of T&T 1E

Posted in Rollenspiel on April 8, 2017 by craulabesh