‚Balancing‘ Space Hulk missions with Genestealer expansion psychic rules

Space Hulk with Genestealer expansion psychic rules is a wholly different game. If you don’t enjoy the lighthearted nature of such extreme random games, you can easily tone down the randomness and preserve the depth of the psychic rules.

Adjusting Psychic Powers
Many effects of the extended psychic powers are extremely powerful and allow psykers to instantly kill any enemy model on a section or within a range outside of LOS. You can reduce the amount of those powerful psychic powers (i.e. Vortex, Smite, Lightning Arc) in the psychic power deck or remove them altogether if both players agree. You could also agree on a houserule which allows to play them only if enforced with a force card or even played with a second card of the same power. Or use the basic psychic houserules.

Adjusting Victory Conditions
Usually a player loses the mission if he loses access to psykers. In this case you can use following houserule: the player in question may declare himself unable to win anymore. He now will fight for a draw.
In this case the other player chooses one of the developments below, which adjust the balance of psychic powers. If the first player still achieves the original victory conditions, the game is a draw.

The player with psykers still in his force may choose:
1. Either his own reinforcements of psykers also stops immediately (if applicable). Remaining Psykers withdraw from the mission, the models are taken out of the game. In case of the Stealer player the expanded Blip force list for the mission will be changed too: every Hybrid psyker in the mission expanded Blip force list becomes a non-psyker. He still has the same armament (except of force weapons).

2. Or he allows his opponent to reuse his Psykers either by entering through the Marine deployment area or by granting an ambush Blip per round which may turn into an unarmed Hybrid psyker. This is only possible if it doesn’t violate the original victory conditions. They must still be achieveable.


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